Les Cayes

Les Cayes is the largest city in the south, and feels a lot more prosperous than anywhere else south of the capital. It’s has a laid-back atmosphere complemented by some attractive architecture. It’s also a good place to base yourself to explore the region, and puts you within striking distance of Port Salut, Île-à-Vache and other attractions like the beautiful waterfall of Saut Mathurine in camp Perrin and beaches along the southern coast.


Île-à-Vache is small fishing island with a handful of good hotels, and a great place to get away from everything. Just off the coast of Les Cayes, it is rather a more relaxed pastime of eating local seafood, enjoying the beaches and do some hiking. 


As one of the most popular part of Haiti for weekend breaks from the capital, Port Salut has a lot to offer.  One look at the long stretch of white sand beach, hotels and nicely designed bed and breakfast to satisfy demand, one can see why. Port Salut is neatly paved along the coast. The part most people are interested in is the beach at Pointe Sable, with miles of clean white sand lapped by a shining blue sea, the occasional beach bar serving grilled fish, conch and many fresh local dishes, when visiting there, you will definitely enjoy yourself. Most people will be rightly content with kicking back and spending their time here doing nothing more energetic than ordering another rum sour but if you looking for some activity, there a small waterfall about half an hour's walk inland from the beach.  At Cascade waterfall, you are able to swim in the pool beneath the falls. Looking for a great day trip when in Port Salut a visit to the Stunning Marie Jeanne Cave is greatly recommended.