Jacmel is probably the most visited town outside Port-au-Prince for tourist. Just a few hours’ drive from Port-au-Prince it is a renowned centre for arts and handicrafts, with some great architecture and easy access to some fine beaches. Jacmel was founded by the French in 1698, It grew modestly as a trading port until the 1770s when coffee was introduced to the area, the boom period lasted until 1930. In more recent years the city has fought hard to reclaim its old importance, now trading on its port rich handicrafts tradition, and it annual Carnival; one of Haiti's biggest parties. Historically known as the “City of Light”, Jacmel is one of Haïti’s oldest cities. It's colonial architecture reminiscent of Havana as well as its burgeoning surfing culture and arts district. An hour outside of Jacmel, visitors can visit one of the most beautiful waterfall they will ever see. Which make Jacmel an even more desired destination.